Other Amenities

Spinney LibrarySpinney Memorial Library
259 Onset Avenue, 508.295.2343
This private, volunteer-operated library, formerly location of the local Girl Scouts, is now accepting donations of books, sponsors, and in-kind donations. Free computers and wifi. Plus a children’s area, reading room, and meeting space. Plus fishing gear for lend! Landscaped outdoor space and convenient location make this a must-visit location. Call for hours of operation.

Wigwam, OnsetA short walk from the library on Crescent is the On-I-Set Wigwam. With the inscription “Dedicated to the Redmen” above the entrance, this is the site of many spiritual meetings, drum sessions, classes and a Summer Festival. Check them out online at www.onisetwigwam.com.



Onset harbormaster

Visit the Onset Harbor Master on the Pier for tide charts, and regulations for boating and shell fishing in the area.